Created with vision, made with precision

We are proud to share our passion with a company committed to all the amazing things cycling brings, from the first bolt of production to the last climb on an epic ride. 

Allied Cycle Works is the Arkansas-based company bringing carbon bike production back to the United States. And they're shifting the landscape of bike manufacturing in the process. These engineers and industry veterans saw the need to bring off-shore bike production back to the States. So they made the way.

Keeping design and production in the same place, Allied produces high-quality carbon bikes from start to finish. The bike engineers are never far from the final product and this keeps the quality and the desired outcome tethered to every step of production. All this at a price that rivals carbon bikes made abroad.

Tough and Beautiful

Allied bikes aren't just beautiful, they're tough as nails too. All Allied models use Innegra S High Modulus Polypropylene fibers in key, high-risk areas to hold up under impact and reduce the chance of catastrophic failure. The top tube, seat stays, as well as some forks are reinforced with Innegra fibers so you'll be riding the highest performing, most durable and safest bike available.

Stop in to check out their high-quality, handmade carbon bikes - all with an affordable price tag.​​ To learn more about Allied craftsmanship, watch their12 Days of Build series below.

We Offer

We can order and build for you any of the Allied Cycle Works bikes. 

The Allied Cycle Works Build Process

Carbon Cutting and Kitting

Carbon Mold Pre Form & Layup

Carbon Mold Debunking

Carbon Curing in the Heat Press



Carbon Over Wrapping

Frame Prep and Sanding

Clearing and Sanding


Frame Prep Before Assembly


Frame Prep & Assembly