Commuter Bikes

What makes a great commuter bike? Well, it starts with the kind of commute you're looking at. Short distance commutes may not call for much more than a basket or panniers to help you get you and your lunch happily to work. But for longer distances, you'll have more need to consider bike weight, gearing and geometry. 

And let's not forget the details that can make all the difference. Fenders and chain guards, tire and frame choice - all play into the thought process leading to, "I think I'll ride to work today." Let's remove the barriers to bike commuting, and get you on a bike that makes bike commuting a money-saving no-brainer.

Before we get you on a bike, we'll talk about what your daily commute is like and what kind of riding you do. A well-chosen bike can make your daily commute a joyride.

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Let's talk about your commute

6 Bike Commuting Tips

  • Keep your commuter bike simply robust.
    • Your commuter bike should be durable and and not prone to breaking down. 
    • Think of a bike set up for longterm reliability. 
      • Steel frames make great lifelong commuting friends.
      • Simple gearing set ups (or even singlespeed/fixie gearing) can reduce maintenance
  • Remove the barriers to bike commuting.
    • Sure, bike commuting is a workout built right into your daily schedule AND it saves you money, but there are still reasons people choose the car over the bike. 
      • Ask yourself why you wouldn't want to ride to work? 
      • No shower at work and you need to dress up?

      • You take a lot of items to work daily? 

    • Consider what makes you hop in the car instead of on your bike. Then you can choose the bike, accessories or Boulder cycling routes that support you riding more often.

  • Tires
    • Bigger (width around somewhere between cx and mtb width) can open up your ride options. 

    • Reinforced, higher protection tires can save some flat headaches.

  • Accessories & Clothing
    • Flashing LED lights help the catch attention of drivers and fellow cyclists.

      • Even when it's light out, cyclists can be hard to see in shadows, or in the early morning light or setting sun. Lights help solve this issue.
    • Bike bells are great for a happy 'ding! ding!' before you overtake pedestrians on the bike path. 
      • Bells can not only help you avoid collisions, but a polite heads up goes a long way for good community relationships.Fenders are magical, especially if you commute year round.

    • Panniers aren't just handy for taking things to the office. They create options like a quick stop at for groceries on the way home from work. 

    • Clothing
      • High visibility clothing with reflective tape takes advantage of car head lights.
      • While it can help, bright clothing isn't the end of the story. Get some lights.
  • Seek out less traffic routes even if it's a bit longer.
    • Aside from reducing car interactions, a quieter route can help keep the stress out of the commute.
  • Get the appropriate bike for your commute
    • Depending upon the distance and effort going into your commute, you'll have different considerations. 
      • If you commute just a few blocks, maybe you just want a beach cruiser. 

      • If your commute is a solid distance, like from Boulder to Longmont, you'll want a faster, lighter bike.

    • There are also other considerations:
      • Ebikes are great to pedal for miles and barely break a sweat if you don't have a shower at work.
      • Or, convert your old bike into an ebike with an electric assist hub.
    • Want maximum simplicity and ultimate reliability? 
      • Fixie and single speed bikes are great for less maintenance.
      • You never have to worry about you cog set icing up if you commute in the winter

    • Old bikes can make great commuters 
      • They are often less attractive to thieves.
      • It's ready to take the wear and tear of a daily commute.
      • There could be an old bike sitting in back of your garage right now that would make a great commuter for you.

These are just a few ideas. Did this list bring up more questions? Stop on in and let's talk about what you need to make your commute to work a joyride.