The Copenhagen Wheel

Meet the Solution

The Copenhagen Wheel is an electric assist hub that can be built right into the rear wheel of your bike. Born at MIT’s SENSEable City Lab in partnership with its namesake city, the Copenhagen Wheel is a cyclist-inspired solution for alternative personal transportation. The brainy engineers at Superpedestrian continued development of 'The Wheel' to bring you an affordable way to speedify your bike commuting.

How does it work?

Get ready to ditch your car. This space-age smart, signature-red hub can be built into almost any rear wheel. Mountain bike. Road bike. Whatever bike. 

Connect it to your smartphone, and you, dear friend, now have an electric bicycle. Synchronizing with your pedal stroke, the battery inside the Copenhagen Wheel stores up generated energy to pump it out when you need it; increasing your pedal power 10X to make mole hills out of mountains and straightaways a breeze. 

It's wireless. Buttonless. And basically extra external stuff...less. Install the hub and pedal off into to the sunset. The Copenhagen Wheel set up takes care of the details.

Use your smartphone to adjust the motor, lock the bike and gather ride information like expended effort. If you choose, you can share your data with other Copenhagen Wheelphiles and contribute to the network of ride-useful information.

Let's make your bike an e-bike

We sell, install and service the Copenhagen Wheel. We can make your favorite bike an electric bicycle. Have more questions on this ebike conversion process? Read this "How it Works" page on  Superpedestrian's Copenhagen Wheel site.

Better yet, stop on by. We'll talk with you about what it takes to turn your bike into an e-bike.

We're happy to answer any questions. We offer free work estimates so you'll know what kind of numbers you're looking at.​ We also offer fully-built ebikes.

We're located just north of Pearl Street at 2886 Bluff Street. We have convenient parking or we're just off the Goose Creek Bike Path if you're out pedaling about Boulder.