Cyclocross Bikes

Built for explosive accelerations, tight turns and quick handling, cyclocross bikes are fun for racing and just fun riding in general. In the autumn, we have loads of cyclocross races just a stone's throw from Boulder. So why not join in?

To get you on a 'cross bike, let's talk about what you like to ride, your cyclocross goals and your budget. We'll put it all together to get you on the bike you need. If you're not racing, you may also want to consider a gravel bike for skinny tire rides on dirt. We'll go over that when we talk.

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If we don't have what you're looking for, we can order you a bike. We order a lot of bikes for people. With all our experience racing and working on bikes, we know what to ask so you'll need to get the bike you need within your budget. When it arrives, we build it up and dial it in with the highest level of attention so you know your bike is truly ready to ride.

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Where to ride your cyclocross bike in Boulder

Technically, you can ride your 'cross bike anywhere, but here are a couple dirt trails that are a little friendlier to skinny tire fun.

Marshall Mesa is just south of town off Highway 36. With a couple scattered rock sections, most don't call it a skinny-tire ride, but if you're game, the trails east of the highway are smoother for a 'cross bike. With the swooping lines and gorgeous views you can make a fantastic loop. At the Marshall Mesa trailhead, go east to Cowdrey Draw. When you get to the gate at 66th St, hop over the road and pick it up at Mayhoffer Singletrack Trail to go Superior. Then climb up Meadow Lark Trail and descend down to Coalton Trail. Hang a right to go west and loop it home via on the High Plains and Greenbelt Plateau Trails.

The Eagle Trail just east of Boulder Res will take you west to the Left Hand Trail. You'll parallel Highway 36 in the distance before you wind your way north to Neva Road. There's a few gates to open along the way so you'll get to practice your dismounts.

Once you get to Neva Road, hop the road and get on the dirt at 39th. You can snake the dirt roads northeast to Highway 66 and "the Cowboy." The road sequence reads like your high school locker combination (39th, Nimbus, 41st, Nelson, 51st, St. Vrain, 59th, Hygeine, 61st, 63rd, 66th.) Grab a ride map before you go to get an overview. With the farms, lakes and occasional bald eagles you can see along the way, you'll be thankful you're a cyclist. 

And then there's always Valmont Bike Park. Practice your dismounts on the stairs and perfect your pedal stroke in the sand pit. Host to the 2014 USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships, the park has numerous options to get you ready for your next 'cross race. 

For more cyclocross riding ideas, the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance site is a tome of Boulder ride information. While you're there, check out what the BMA has been up to lately. We're proud supporters of BMA because we think they're a great voice for cyclists and active community builders. Once you see all the work they do, we're pretty sure you'll find them great too.

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