Be prepared to ditch your car. Stylish and easy-to-use, e-bikes are fast becoming the transport of choice.We offer electric bicycles from Minneapolis-based Civia Cycles. They're high-quality, fun, affordable and smile-inducing. Civia bikes are a great way to buzz around Boulder and beyond.

Why buy an electric bike?

Aside from just being fun and efficient transport, e-bikes are great commuter bikes. They make your commute to work a joyride (or at least a joyride until you get to work). You can pedal for miles without breaking a sweat. If your office doesn't have a shower, you can still save the gas money and show up to work looking sharp. (Sharper still when your boss finds out you ebike, you savvy cyclist.) And you're throwing the sedentary lifestyle aside in favor of a CO emissions-reducing way of life. Win! Win!

Mercedes of motors

Civia Cycles ebikes are constructed with Bosch electric motors to assist your pedaling. Practically the Mercedes engine of e-bike batteries, German made Bosch motors are silent, reliable and easy to charge.

e-Bike Conversions

Not sure you have room for another bike in the stable? Turn your current commuter into an e-bike. We also sell, install and service the Copenhagen Wheel. The Copenhagen Wheel is a fantastic rear hub that can be installed on most any bike and makes you feel like you've harnessed lighting. Learn more here.

Let's talk e-Bikes

Got more questions? You can always call, but stop on in. We'd love to see your smiling face. We're centrally located in Boulder at 2886 Bluff Street, just across from RallySport Fitness. If you're riding down Boulder's Goose Creek Path, you'll see our sign across from the ball fields near the Mapleton YMCA. Hope to see you soon!