Folding Bikes

Solid construction, easy-to-fold, a joy to ride. Folding bikes remove the barriers to getting on your bike more often and having more fun.

Why buy a folding bike?

You may ask, "Why buy a folding bike?" when, in fact, you've been living the reasons this whole time.

  • Ever flown for a quick trip and thought, "I wish I could check this town out by bike," but packing and flying with your bike wasn't worth the time or money to get it there?
  • Ever waste hours of your vacation trying to hunt down rental bikes that don't feel all that comfortable to ride?
  • Live in a small space and need a bike but have no place to keep it?
  • Like to take road trips in your car or RV and never have room to take a bike?
  • Work in a cubicle downtown with no place to lock up your bike outside? 

Take your folding bike with you wherever you go. If you travel, there's no need to find a rental shop in a new city and deal with the bike fit. Just unfold your bike that's already dialed in for you and get pedaling.

We have a friend here at the shop who flies with his folding bike all the time. He unfolds it right there at the airport and takes off to his hotel. He doesn't even rent a car.

We offer folding bikes from Dahon. Dahon focuses on the thoughtful details that make folding bikes a joy to use. The roller racks alone - for wheeling the folded bike in tight areas - are genius!

Let's talk about solutions

Got more folding bike questions? You can always call, but stop on in. We'd love to see your smiling face. You can find us at 2886 Bluff Street, just across from RallySport Fitness in Boulder and we have convenient parking.

If you're riding down Boulder's Goose Creek Path, you'll see our sign between 28th and 30th.