Mountain Bikes

Ever notice how it's the dirt trails take you other places the quickest? Out of town, out of the daily grind and out of stale states of mind? Yeah, us too. It's why we love mountain bikes. 

Our goal is to match you up with the mountain bike you'll love and get you to that riding nirvana state of mind. And that all starts with asking, "How do you like to ride?" Is it meandering along mellow trails or straight down the steepest rock you can find? Whatever it is, we like where your head is at.​

Maybe you'll want a steel bike from Surly. Or a ​carbon, extra wide-tire ride from Heller. Or perhaps a high-end race rig from Jamis?​

Let's talk about what you like to ride, your goals and your budget to get you on the bike that's right for you. If we don't have what you want in stock, we can order it. We order bikes for a lot of our customers. They know once we get the bike, it will be built up with the highest degree of attention, down to truing wheels and adjusting the hubs - making it truly ready-to-ride.

Make sure to check out our sale, used and demo bikes too! 

Where to mountain bike in Boulder

Some of our favorite rides close to town are:

Marshall Mesa is just south of town off Highway 36 and offers spectacular sunset views of the Flatirons and a good workout with lower level of technical difficulty. 

For mountain bike rides north of town, head to Left Hand Canyon's Heil Ranch. Once you climb the average 6% grade of Waipiti Trail, you've got a lot of options. Lollipop at the top to catch the views and then head back. Or take Wild Turkey out to Longmont for even more mountain biking at Hall Ranch. Both the Heil and Hall trails are rocky fun so be prepared for some challenging technical riding. 

Or head up Boulder Canyon to Sugarloaf for the mostly buffed and undulating loop around Betasso Preserve. Plan out other mtb rides for Wednesdays or Saturdays as on those days, Betasso is reserved for hikers.

And last but not least is Valmont Bike Park. Truly a cycling gem right here in Boulder, Valmont has trails and lines for everyone, from the youngest tot to a seasoned dirt jumping pro. Practice on small-sized features to build your skills before moving on to larger options. Valmont is designed to nurture and inspire riders, not intimidate them and shut down the flow. (Sound deep? You'll see what we mean when you get out there.) The park is open from dawn to dusk, but check the site make sure it's not closed for wet trails.

For more mountain biking ideas, the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance Trails page is a trove of ride information. You'll find everything from ride data to trail conditions. Check 'em out. We're proud supporters of the BMA for their trail building, community growing and bike advocacy efforts.