The Speed Treatment


Reduce cycling power loss from drivetrain inefficiency, increase your drivetrain's longevity and save time and money on replacement parts? You bet.​​​

What is the Speed Treatment?

Our Speed Treatment is a full clean of your drivetrain in our ultra-sound bath. Once it's cleaned, we treat your chain with a high quality wax chain lubricant proven to reduce friction and wear. Then we build the bike back up, dial the shifting in and you're ready to roll.

You'll see, hear and feel the difference immediately. Chain friction is slashed. Dirty, gummed up chains are a thing of the past. Squeaky chains are a memory. Pedaling feels so smooth, it's electric. 

With its grime shedding ability, the Speed Treatment is perfect for the varied riding conditions you'll find in Colorado.

Who's it for?

Everyone! Racers looking for their next level performance or just any cyclist who is tired of dirty, oily chains and pedaling that feels like a drag. 

Why Get the Speed Treatment?

Free Power!

You put countless hours into getting stronger, but are you losing power to the pedals because your drivetrain isn't running efficiently? If so, then you're getting robbed when you could be getting power for free. Because every cycling watt counts and every ounce of energy savings adds up - make sure you and your bike are on the same team. 

Ideal for Adverse Conditions

Race your bike in a sport that thrives on rain, mud and snow? (ahem...cyclocross?) Give your race machine the grime shedding advantage of the Speed Treatment. And if you dug in and set up some tubulars, well then, that great new traction needs all the power it can get. Zoom. Zoom.

Ironman Proven

World-class triathletes Chris Leiferman, Joe Gambles and Dede Griesbauer used the Champion Speed Treatment and rode to podium finishes at the 2018 Boulder Ironman in Boulder, Colorado.​ 112 miles of time-crushing watts. What are you waiting for?

The Race Advantage

Our wax treatment does a better job at shedding grit and grime than traditional oil-based chain lube. When you're racing in adverse conditions, it makes the chirp of the chain next to you, schadenfreude music to your ears.

Protect Your Investment

Parts aren't cheap! You've spent a lot on your bike and you can increase the drivetrain's longevity by keeping it cleaner with a wax treatment so dirt and debris don't accelerate the wear and tear of riding.

Save Time and Money

Less time dealing with your bike means more time riding it. And fewer bike tunes means more money in your pocket. Our wax treatment lasts longer than just lubing your chain with average lubes. And with a touch up of SquirtLube© as needed, you can maintain that protective wax barrier longer, repel debris, stay cleaner and require less drivetrain maintenance.

Choose Your Treatment

Got Questions? Call us!

Not sure the Speed Treatment will benefit your ride? Call us. We'll give you an honest assessment of what you need.