Touring Bikes

Whether you go on a fully-supported bicycling tour or strike out on a long-distance, self-contained bike trek, we will send you off with hugs. We love bike touring because it takes you to distant locations in a way unique to any other. Even when compared to leisurely road trips by car or motorcycle, when you travel by bike, the journey itself is an experience. 

The slower, wide-open, smorgasbord-for-the-senses adventure of bike touring makes for the most vivid memories. When bike touring, you literally stop and smell the roses (on a water break). You hear the sounds of new places as you pedal along scenic byways. You wear pleasant evenings like a favorite t-shirt. It’s guaranteed you’ll have ‘one of the best meals ever,’ because food tastes that much better after riding. You meet more people and the places you visit become a part of you. And the satisfaction from having traveled into the unknown under your own power only widens the smiles. These are the sort of memories that stay with you; visiting now and again like dear, long-time friends.

Our shop owner, Brian Hannon, has been bike touring for years. He’s toured extensively from short weekend jaunts in Colorado to year-long trips around the Western Hemisphere. Brian has pedaled the U.S., down to South America, around China and through parts of Europe. Sufficed to say, he knows a thing or two about bike touring.

If you’re considering touring by bike, come on in and let’s talk. Brian will help you get ready for the ride of your lifetime.

How to buy a touring bike

Comfort and durability are top factors to consider when choosing your touring bike. You definitely want to be comfortable riding for days on end, but the last thing you want is to be in the middle of nowhere and have something break down. When you’re talking about durability, your frame, tires, derailleurs, hubs and rims are all important categories. The further you're going and the more you’re carrying, the more important these items become.

We are big believers in steel frames and that's mostly because they are well-built, durable, and can be more easily repaired if necessary. Let’s say, you break a steel frame while traveling through rural, scenic Bolivia. There’s a higher possibility you’ll find an auto shop with an arc or tig welding machine and a mechanic who can put it back together over a carbon frame repair shop.

But if you're just touring for a short weekend with little more than your credit card…shoot, take that race rocket, travel light and have at it! Your goals and style of bike touring will play into what you choose to ride.

Come on in and let's talk about what kind of touring you want to do. We’ll help you get on the bike that will pedal you to amazing, vivid memories. touring bikes

Getting ready for your first bike tour

Books could be written about how to bike tour. We can only cover so much right here, but discovering how you like to tour is part of the adventure. So take these tips below to help you prepare for your first bike tour and then get ready for a lifetime of adventures in bike touring the way you like it.  

  • Seek out the advice of people who have bike toured before - especially to spots you’d like to go.
    • Ask them how they decided their routes, how they found camping and refueling spots and how their trip went. If you listen closely, cycling stories hold a wealth of information.
  • Have knowledgeable mechanics look over your bike and determine if it’s up to the trip you have planned. 
  • Do short trips and build up to longer ones.
    • There’s no teacher like experience. Take shorter weekend trips first to suss things out with your own equipment and then go longer. You’ll a lot learn about your equipment and about yourself. Every trip will help you to better design your next.
  • Stay with the tried and true.
    • Avoid new ‘comfort' items like shoes or saddles before big trips. Breaking in gear and getting it dialed is best done before leaving.
  • Check out helpful resources.

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