Townie Bikes

Easy. Relaxed. Packed with good vibes.​ Townie bikes are perfect for pedaling downtown, grabbing dinner and leaving the car and worries behind. 

Townies come in all shapes and sizes. Let's talk about how far you intend to cruise around and how you like to ride in order to get you on the bike that's for you.

And don't forget to see what we have in our sale and used bike section.

If we don't have what you want in stock, we can order the bike you want. We order bikes for many of our customers because they trust us as professional mechanics. They know that when we get the bike, we'll build it up right: adjusting hubs, tensioning spokes, the works. This way, the bike is truly ready to ride right from the start.

Tips on riding around Boulder

Here's a few tips for riding around town to help keep it simple and safe.

  • Make sure to have these basics
    • ​Helmet - Because safety is cool.
    • Lock - A dedicated lock on your townie makes it so you never leave home without it.
    • Lights - You'll no doubt be out after dark. Light up your townie with both head and tail lights.
  • You look good, but don't assume drivers see you.
    • When passing cars, look through back windows and in side view mirrors. Is there a driver who looks like they're getting ready to hop out? Give a wide berth when riding by.
    • Flashing LED lights for both day and night riding help to catch a driver's attention.
  • ​Keep it cruisey
    • ​Is there really a need to shoot the gap? Slow down, take your time and make the turn when it's safe.
  • Telegraph the pass
    • ​Make sure to signal when making a turn or coming to a stop.
    • Keep your line and don't ride erratically. 
    • Make eye contact with drivers as much as possible to make safer turns and passes.
  • ​Know before you go
    • ​Knowing which route you're taking, and communicating it to your riding buddies, can clear up confusion and mitigate last-second, chaotic lane changes.
    • Using maps can help you find routes to your favorite places with the least traffic and cyclist dedicated lanes and paths.