Track Bikes

Fixed gear exhilaration. Getting aero in the drops. Smiling through g-force in the turns. If you haven't ridden a track bike, there's a whole world of cycling sensation you're missing. If you have, you know what we're talking about!

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Where to track ride in Boulder County

If you live in Boulder, you're just minutes away from the Boulder Valley Velodrome located in Erie, Colorado. We're proud sponsors of BVV. They make track cycling in Boulder County fun, safe and accessible. Check out their online calendar and jump in a 'taster.' You'll get a feel for what track riding is about in a supported and mellow environment.

Just feel like spectating? In the summers, head on out in the evenings to watch the local races that are free for everyone. Gather up the kids, grab dinner to-go, and head to the oval. Admission is free and you can enjoy dinner as you watch from a picnic bench in the viewing area. It's fast, action filled with calculated moves and explosive with power. Fun for everyone!