Bike Fitting

Why get a bike fit?

Among other reasons, a proper bike fitting can increase comfort, help avoid injuries, assist in injury recovery and improve performance. All of this contributes to you pedaling longer -on each ride and over the course of a lifetime. And that keeps the smiles in the miles.

Our bike fit philosophy is simple. The bike is an extension of the body. The rider should be positioned in a comfortable and efficient position based on their individual needs. When fitting the cyclist, adjustments are based on their measurements, feedback and anatomical cues. We believe the dialogue between the fitter and client is the most valuable tool to get the best fit. 

Billy Finlay does our bike fittings and he is a certified Specialized Body Geometry Fit Level 2 bike fitter. Billy has done fits for all styles of riding, from cyclocross and road to mountain and tri bikes. For whatever style of riding you do, you know you'll get a proper bike fit based on cycling biomechanics that'll enhance your comfort and performance.

All bike fits are made by appointment only. Please feel free to call us with questions or to book your bike fitting today.​​