The Boulder Bike Map

The Boulder Bike Map

Want to plan some Boulder bike rides but not sure where to start? Need some inspiration for your next ride? Then we have the map for you. Mathematically speaking, the Boulder Pocket Map can help you chart out hundreds of Boulder County cycling routes.

Produced by local, Zach Lee Design, this map makes it so you can see at-a-glance the multitude of routes around Boulder County. Easily find the best paths out of town to iconic cycling destinations or just local favorites. Chart out a gravel ride to the Cowboy and back. Get your climb on and ride to Estes Park. Or if you're feeling super human, do the Super James to Peak-to-Peak and then head to Ned(erland).​

Genius in its simplicity

Drawing inspiration from maps of the London underground system and various ski resorts, the Boulder Pocket Map gives you all the information a cyclist needs to pedal to their heart's content  - and little else to muddle up the perfect ride day. Info packed, yet easy-to-read - this map is a work of art.

Even after marking out mileage & elevation, pointing out heavy traffic areas, and indicating road conditions from pavement to gravel, this map still says, "But wait, there's more!"

Of course it's waterproof and tear resistant, but did we mention it points out water stops, public restrooms and ride difficulty? Yeah. It's kinda like if Rand, McNally and Edward Tufte were all riding buddies and they made maps over coffee at the General Store in Gold Hill.​

Happy memories, inspired tomorrows

If you're visiting Boulder, this map is a great resource to find your cycling way around Boulder County and then keep as a souvenir for the awesome rides you did on your trip. Use it to tell your friends about the 24% grade you conquered on Magnolia. Or keep it to reminisce about the farm scapes and Sunflower Silo you saw along the easy rolling roads near 59th. 

If you live in Boulder, get a map for your wall. Hang it up and mark out your plans for next weekend's training ride. Get the information you need and inspiration in an instant.

We love looking at this map to revisit the rides we do and to plan our next ascents. Stop on in. We carry the Boulder Pocket Map and can give you pointers for your next favorite Boulder ride.​