New and Custom Bike Builds

When we build a bike, whether it's right out of the box from the factory or from the frame up, your bike is put together with the attention of a Swiss watch maker.

Did you know that bikes which come out-of-the-box, straight from the factory are often over tightened in critical areas like the wheel hubs? It's true. That means, from your very first ride you're starting to grind down your bearings. 

And we don't dig that. 

So when we build your bike - even if it comes complete in a box - nothing is taken for granted. We are truing wheels, adjusting hubs and getting your bike truly ready to ride. ​

Custom Bike Builds

There is nothing like a new bike. Except for a bike that is built up and spec'ed out exactly the way you want it. 

Want to build a road or mountain bike from the frame up? Have a vintage frame you want to bring back to life? Considering investing in a new bike? (Yes...your bike returns dividends: amazing, life-changing dividends.) Let's talk.

We can order frames from Allied Cycle Works, Jamis, Surly and many others for a complete custom build up. We have years of bike building experience to help you put together the ride of your dreams.​


Buy Your Bike Online?

Just have your bike shipped directly to our shop and we'll get to work. Save yourself the box-lugging rigmarole and instead start stretching for the inaugural ride on your new bike.

And, when you let us build your newly purchased-online bike, we'll give you 20% off the accessories you need to get you rolling right. (Sweet!) ​