Custom Bicycle Wheels

Let's build wheels to do what you want

Racing cyclocross and want nimble but durable tubulars? Riding the Colorado Trail and want a generator hub for powering through the night? Have a custom set of colored rims to style out your ride? Excellent.

Let's build the wheels you want - so you can do what you want to do. We won't limit the materials you want to use. Have special wheel parts? Bring 'em to the shop. We'll use your parts to build the wheels you want and match the style of riding you do. 

Not sure what parts you need to accomplish your goals? Let's chat. We'll assemble the parts you need to build your dream wheel set.

Don't live in Boulder? We can build your wheel set and ship it to you.​ Just give us a call and we'll get your wheels started. 

How to get started

For building your set of custom wheels, we'll start by talking to you about what kind of riding you do and what you need from the wheel set. Next, we'll choose the hubs, rims, spokes and lacing pattern to get you the desired weight, feel and strength you want.

All custom wheels are built to last for their desired purpose. Tired of road, tri or mtb wheels that fall apart or need constant attention? We can build the burliest load-hauling touring wheels to the fastest carbon or aluminum aero racing wheels. Whatever you need, no problem. Come on in and we'll get you sorted out.​

Why get custom wheels?

Because the quality of your wheels can have benefits in speed, ride quality, bike stability and durability. With a set of hand built custom bicycle wheels, you know you'll get wheels built specifically for what you want to do.

Super light race wheels tightened and tensioned just right practically have wings. A lacing pattern for withstanding long hauls and heavy loads means you'll be bike touring longer instead of breaking spokes left and right.

And let's not overlook the looks. A beautifully built wheelset with hubs, spokes, nipples and rims specifically chosen to match a frameset is just a sight to see. We'll work with you to build the wheels you need and achieve the desired aesthetic.