Cycling Community

When two bikes roll together, you've got a whole lot more than just four wheels - you've got a community in the making.

We love how bikes bring people together and good things happen - so we do our best to support our cycling community and keep the good times rolling. Below are just a few of the groups we support in Boulder County and beyond. We think they are pretty fantastic and are sure you will too.

Our Partners

Boulder Valley Velodrome

boulder valley velodrom logo in green

We're lucky to have a cycling track in Boulder County - especially one like BVV.  This superconductor of fun was born from  a love for track racing and has grown into a top-notch track experience that fosters a welcoming community of cyclists. Come out and watch the racing excitement with the family or join in and feel the one-gear exhilaration for yourself. It's electric.

Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance

Boulder Mountain Bike Logo

Dedicated to growing Boulder's cycling community and trail systems, the BMA is a group whose heart beats for single track. Thanks to them, mountain bikers get to rip round new trails constructed in a healthy, sustainable way. As a local chapter of IMBA, the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance is also active in cycling advocacy to increase access and safety for mountain bikers.

Moxie Moms

Moxie Moms logo

A group that gets more women on bikes and gives back to the community? Sign us up! Moxie Moms is a social and savings network that promotes health, wellness and fitness for women across Colorado's Front Range. We're a proud Moxie Moms partner. Visit their site to check out what exciting events they have planned next.​

Apex Coaching

Apex Coaching Boulder logo

World class cycling is cultivated right next door to our shop. Our neighbor, Apex Coaching, utilizes the latest in science and technology to take their athletes to the next level. We're inspired working with this team that's moving cycling into new dimensions of performance.​

Boulder Food Rescue

Boulder Food Rescue Logo

This non-profit uses the bike to get food on the table of those who need it most. Committed to reducing waste and helping others, Boulder Food Rescue redistributes good food to agencies that help homeless and low-income populations in Boulder. Ride on!

The Coffee Ride

the coffee ride logo

Delicious, locally roasted coffee delivered by bike? It's a match made in heaven. We support our local Boulder coffee roaster, Josh Crane, not just for his mad bean-roasting skills, but for his vision of coffee excellence brought directly to your door by bicycle.

People for Bikes

People For Bikes logo

What if we all had bikes but, no safe place to ride them? People for Bikes advocates for cyclists across the U.S. to make it safer for everyone to ride. In the process, they're also helping cycling become a greater part of our nation's culture. Power to the pedal!