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We strive to give our customers expert, professional and friendly service possible in a relaxed, laid-back environment. But don't take our word for it. Here are some words and reviews from people who have visited our store. You can read these shop reviews and others on our Facebook, Yelp and Google Reviews pages.

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Online Reviews

"I had a great experience with this bike shop!! They tuned up my bike for a reasonable price and quick turn around. Very friendly customer service. A+, go check them out!"

-Madeline N.   Read the full review Google Reviews

"...walking into BBW, you get a different vibe. There is nobody looking down their nose and acting as if they'll get to you when it's convenient. Not overly expensive and real problem solvers, they focus on doing good maintenance work and finding ways to help.

They did a tune and chain wax/clean up. Delivered when promised and then located a part that had eluded other shops back in Chicago when I lived there. No rush, no pressure. Just solid partnering. THANK GOD I found a helpful shop here in town."

-Matt G.   Read full review on Yelp 

​"Had my electric bicycle serviced here. They checked what parts are specialized and what are standard. And took care of it. If you're looking for high quality service, you are at the right place."

-Axel M.   Via Google Reviews

"Wheel builders, wheel builders, wheel builders! Let these guys build your wheels!!!"

​-Killian M. Read full review on Google Reviews

"These guys are great, called in to ask about local trails and they couldn't have been more helpful. Brian was the man that helped us and you could tell they were expert at what they do and just naturally welcomed us and helped us."

-Ed W.   Read full review on Yelp

"Laid back shop, techs take the time to explain the process/need to work, and above all...honest guys that have your best cycling interests in mind, not upselling or doing unnecessary work."

-Ryan P.  Read the full review Google Reviews

"Hands down the highest quality work in the state!"

-Doug C.  Read full review on Facebook

"These gentlemen helped me through a real head-scratcher of a problem, going so far as to call the manufacturer of my rims and discover that the rims themselves were problematic. Excellent work, straightforward communication, more than fair pricing, and just good people here. I'll never go anywhere else.  Thank you so much!!"

-Joe R.  Read the full review Google Reviews

"If you're looking for a knowledgeable, friendly and highly approachable bike shop, this is the place for you..."  

-Cheri F.  Read full review on Yelp

Sent with a Stamp

“You guys rock! I am so happy with my new wheel, I can’t begin to tell you. I have been riding my bike to work every weekday for over a month now, with no problems whatsoever. Furthermore, you guys not only built me an amazing wheel, you also put it back together such that the disc brake and shifting the gears all work flawlessly. 

I don’t know how to explain this exactly. I have always loved to ride. With all the spokes I was braking, I was about to ready to give it up. You restored my ability to ride, and to get that badly needed daily exercise. You also renewed my confidence and trust in my bicycle, and that really means a lot to me."

-Jim G. 

"Thanks again for your expertise in bike touring and wrenching for my Salsa Vaya. Replacing my compact double with a mountain double made all the difference when hauling loads on my January 2015 tour in Death Valley, California. Your work with making all my drive train components synch with the new crankset was awesome! Kudos for expediting the work so quickly in time for my trip, and with such a personal touch. It's been my experience no other shop would have done for me what Boulder Bicycle Works did, your shop is long overdue in this town. 

I'll tell every cyclist I meet from here on out to visit your shop, they won't be disappointed."