Mechanic, Climber, Super Commuter

Eric’s wrenching and cycling resume is a long list of credentials:

  • A lifelong cyclist with 22 years of racing and 16 years in a bike shop,
  • Hundreds of road, mountain and CX races from local to national events, 
  • Several Cyclocross Nationals, and 
  • A repeat heavy hitter at the Colorado Gran Fondo events.

And over the years it’s paid off with results like:

  • 3-time Colorado Master’s State Hillclimb Champion up Mt. Evans,
  • A podium finish at the National Hillclimb Championship at Pikes Peak, CO,
  • Multiple medals at State Time Trial and Road Race Championships,
  • And on more than a few occasions, he’s taken in the view from atop the local master’s CX podiums, too.

But the mortar cementing all these palmares together is really just a love for cycling. 

Eric grew up riding in Ohio with his dad. Pedalling everywhere from A to Z was just a way of life as a kid. Competitive cycling would come later at Bucknell University, after a broken foot sidelined him from running track. To stay fit, this mechanical engineer turned back to cycling. He soon got serious about racing, found mountain bikes and then, as every cyclist knows the story begins.

Over the years however, the A-to-Z-by-bike habit never left him. Still a die hard bike commuter to this day, before joining the team at Boulder Bicycle Works, Eric rode daily from Boulder to Westminster - rain, shine or blizzard. He once rode over 400 straight days and logged over 20,000 miles in one calendar year sans excuses. (Holy commitment, Batman!)

When he’s not at the shop wrenching on bikes (or on a favored gravel ride with long miles and loads of climbing), Eric catches some downtime watching sports (especially the Denver and Cincinnati teams) or at his stand, readying his own two-wheeled fleet for another epic adventure. But if it's his birthday, count on him being out on the bike, logging his age in miles, plus an additional 100 just for good measure. This is a tradition Eric plans to keep up until his 100th birthday.

Yeah, buddy!