Mechanic / Bike Fit Tech / All-around Good Guy

Not too long ago, Billy moved to Colorado from Florida's Orlando/Daytona area where he mountain, road and 'cross raced like a fiend and worked on bikes like a boss.

Don't be fooled by his quiet demeanor. Speed and power are Billy's best friends. In addition to having an impressive bike mechanic resume, which includes working SRAM neutral support at the Ironman Miami 70.3, Billy has spent time as a sports car race mechanic. (Think you need to get mountain bike brake bleeds too frequently? Every time a sports car gets off the race track, you're looking at a full bleed because the brakes get that hot. Billy can practically do brake bleeds in his sleep now.)

Billy also does our bike fitting here at the shop. He's a Level 2, Certified Specialized Body Geometry bike fitter. Over the years, Billy has helped riders find their comfortable and competitive positions on every kind of ride, from road and triathlon to TT and mountain bikes.

When he's not at the shop, Billy enjoys traveling abroad, a good IPA (purely to enhance his FTP of 350) and watching sports car racing. All this may follow having gotten lost in an epic gravel ride, his new favorite Colorado pastime.